Thursday, April 9, 2009

Firebird 2015 AD (1981)

Directed by David M. Robertson

n one of many unpopular and unsupported policy decisions, the US government of the near future outlaws vehicle petrol in an effort to curb the overuse of limited natural resources - except, of course, for official purposes. There are many renegades who oppose the authorities, and will stop at nothing to allow themselves the freedom of burning around the countryside.

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Pelle said...

Love your blog (subscribed to you on YouTube as well).
If at all I would request a film, it would be Atlantis Intersceptors (also known as Raiders of Atlantis and Atlantis Inferno). I watched this as a child and thought it was awsome. I cannot get it these days, so it wuold be awesome. It might be hard or impossible for you to post this film, I do not know how you get hold of what you post already, but IF it was possible, I would sure love to watch it again. :)